Zero Trust security features

In the age of mobility, the Internet of Things (IoT) and working from home, Internet security can be challenging。Aruba Zero Trust Security ensures that the same controls applied to campus or branch networks are scaled up to home or remote workers。
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Know what devices are connected to your network。

With Aruba ClearPass Device Insight, you can see all the devices on your network, from traditional devices like tablets and laptops to the ever-changing Internet of Things (IoT) devices。
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Automatic access rights and network segmentation。

Once connected, ensure that IT and security teams can use Aruba dynamic segmentation to enforce the principles of minimum access and differential segment rights on any network (wired, wireless, campus, and branch)。
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Context aware access control - day and night。

Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager allows you to centralize role-based principles that allow teams to monitor and enforce the behavior of appliances throughout the work phase, regardless of location or time。
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It's time to build a firewall around the edges。

The Aruba Policy Enforcement Firewall (PEF) lets you set rules on wireless and wired networks that work smoothly with our infrastructure and ClearPass Policy Manager,Zero trust principle is controlled for working phase and traffic factors。
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Aruba VIA: soft client for secure VPN connections。

Staff and students working or studying from home can ensure uninterrupted study and work through Aruba's VIA。
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Work safely from home。

Apply zero-trust best practices to your VPN infrastructure to ensure network security - no matter how or where employees are connected。
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Safety of Branch Company。

Aruba 9000 series gates extend PEF and add built - in IDS/IPS to give you control in branch offices。
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