Healthcare network solutions

Create a modern and personalized healthcare experience for everyone -- patients, suppliers and administrators。

The demand for personalized medicine is growing

Providing personalised care requires a simple, reliable and secure connection, but most organisations face difficulties。Here's how Aruba ESP can help。
  • With an integrated infrastructure, we can provide a single management source that is common to wired, wireless, and SD-Branch in any healthcare deployment。
  • With zero-trust security, we can ensure that all medical devices, users and objects can be profiled and assigned proper network access。
  • With AIOps, we can automate the network and provide powerful management tools for your workers。

Key benefits of Aruba healthcare Network solutions

See why clinics, hospitals, and medical centers are counting on us to provide stronger, smarter networks。

An integrated infrastructure applicable to all use cases

An integrated infrastructure applicable to all use cases

Enhance your hospital's network health by integrating wired, wireless, role-based access control and location context data into a common management interface。As the user experience is upgraded, IT problems are also reduced。

Icon for secure connectivity Zero trust security for all devices, users, or MIoT

Zero trust security for all devices, users, or MIoT

There are so many different types of users, devices, and medical IoT on the network, each of which requires a specific role to be assigned to perform。Can Aruba ClearPass provide smooth and secure network access regardless of user type。

Optimize AIOps before problems occur

Optimize AIOps before problems occur

Finally, you don't have to worry about scheduling outages just to update your wireless network。With Aruba, each clinical application will be executed continuously as needed。

Mobile apps to enhance patient satisfaction

It is always difficult to find your way around the hospital, with its color-coded new buildings and various departments and offices that span multiple buildings。With Aruba's navigation technology, Boston Children's Hospital was able to overcome this common challenge and make the best use of their resources。

Stable and scalable Wi-Fi for care providers to rely on

Deciding to redesign Consulate Health Care's infrastructure, which spans more than 200 sites, they chose Aruba to support a variety of emerging technologies, including Electronic medical records, BYOD and safe mobility。

Multiple advantages of Wi-Fi modernization

After adopting advanced Aruba Wi-Fi,ACTS Retirement-life Communities are better able to provide secure connections for employees,And provide better care for residents,In addition, it also reduces operating costs。

Promote new use cases and accelerate innovation through proven partnerships

Our ArubaEdge partners share our vision to help you achieve competitive advantage through innovative integrated solutions for mobile devices and IoT。Know how to use your network to deliver the best experience and results beyond existing connectivity capabilities。

Healthcare network solutions related products

A smarter, safer web starts with these products。

The wireless AP

  • Enhance the IT, user, and IoT experience with simple, fast, and secure enterprise connectivity
  • Indoor and outdoor options are available

Gates and controllers

  • Designed for campuses and branches, it provides high-performance network access, security functions, and recovery capabilities for WLAN, LAN, and SD-WAN networks
  • Centrally optimise IT, consumer, and Internet of Things (IoT) experiences
Location analytics screen

Location-based services

  • Use location services to achieve in-depth analysis and improve results
  • All built in Aruba wireless network supporting location function

Aruba zero trust security feature

  • Know which devices are connected to your network
  • Enable access to IT resources by identity and role
  • Change access rights from time to time based on live data

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