Cloud managed networks

It's time to think differently about network management

More than 92% of midsize businesses use at least one cloud-based application。In addition, most organizations want to move at least half of their management infrastructure to the cloud。Cloud managed networks, often delivered as a "service as a service", are rapidly gaining more attention。


What is a Cloud managed Network?

Cloud management networks are often used to manage Wi-Fi, wired, and SD-WAN network infrastructures as cloud-based services。The service is typically a subscription model and hosted in the cloud via third-party hosting。
Top 5 reasons to manage your Network in the cloud
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Centrally managed visibility and control capabilities。

The cloud management network allows administrators to keep track of the entire network from wherever they are, collect real-time information for planning and troubleshooting, and change Settings through a single platform。No need to manage hardware or run around。
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Instant innovation and bug fix updates。

The main advantage of the cloud management network is that the product and product update process can be managed by the vendor。The development of new features can be uninterrupted and delivered automatically, allowing IT staff to focus on rolling out new services without the distraction of preparing for downtime。


Driving growth in computing power。

Cloud services provide virtual unlimited computing and storage capacity, suitable for advanced technologies such as AI/ML analysis solutions。The cloud subscription model allows organizations to easily leverage new technologies that were previously prohibitive in terms of resources or costs。