Campus core and data center switches

Meet your evolving campus core and data center network needs。Simplify operations through intelligent automation, distributed analysis, and a continuous infrastructure。

Differences between Aruba campus core and data center switches

Learn how we provide efficiency, intelligence, and peace of mind for your network center。

Simplify IT jobs

Using modern cloud native architecture and switch platform to simplify network design, management and IT operations in execution。

Accelerate service construction

Use software to define structural automation and coordination functions to speed up infrastructure construction。Easily integrated into your existing IT operation architecture。

Improve control and management ability

Analyze all switches to gain control of the entire network in real time。Speed up troubleshooting and problem correction。Use Aruba AIOps to automatically detect and continuously resolve network problems to prevent your business from being affected。

Find the best switch for your campus core or data center

You can choose from a variety of products ranging from excellent scalability to switches suitable for more demanding environments。

Aruba CX 8400 series

Carrier-grade high availability core and data center switches
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Aruba 8360 Switch Series

Aruba CX 8360 series

High-performance enterprise park and data center switches
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Aruba CX 8325 series

High performance core and data center switches
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Aruba CX 8320 series

Extensible collection, core, and data center switches
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Aruba CX 6400 series

High availability module switch for multiple edge access for data center deployment
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Aruba CX 6300 series

Layer 3 stackable access and convergence switches with Smart Rate and high power PoE
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Introduction to Aruba Fabric Composer

Introduction to Aruba Fabric Composer

Aruba Fabric Composer is an intelligent, soft-defined coordination solution for enterprise data center networks that enables operators to coordinate specific sets of switches as a single network structure, dramatically simplifying everyday IT operations。

Speed up your transition to hybrid cloud and simplify the transition process

Explore networking solutions for evolving data centers。

Cloud native Architecture

The Aruba CX switch provides an evolving data center with advanced hardware, intuitive management tools, and an operating system built on cloud-native design principles。

An automated function that simplifies complexity

Simplify network management, enjoy complete automation through Aruba NetEdit, and use coordination tools and custom software with complete programmable performance。

Distributed analysis provides actionable in-depth analysis

Use an integrated network analysis engine (NAE) to perform intelligent monitoring, real-time problem detection, and security and performance prediction。All Aruba CX switches have this capability。

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