Secure network access control for modern IT

The Internet of Things (IoT) and remote workers are changing the way we think about network access control。Reduce risk by applying consistent policies and sophisticated security controls to your wired and wireless networks。

The difference between our solutions

Industry-leading solutions are our proof。Learn how we provide enterprise IT with comprehensive mastery, control, and automation of network execution capabilities。

No agent policy control and automatic response

Implement instant policies through Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager to manage how users are connected to the device and which items they can access。

Enforce access rights, effectively reducing risk

Can you use the Aruba Policy Enforcement Firewall to obtain dynamic and consistent protection regardless of user role, device type or location。

Protect visitor access, company devices, and BYOD

Simplify access for authorized users。Get the tools you need through Aruba ClearPass and protect the resiliency of enterprise Wi-Fi and wired networks。

Manage network access control through Aruba Central

Access the full service AI for in-depth analysis, security protection, and integrated network management in a single action pane。

Network admin looking at a dashboard in Aruba Central

In-depth analysis of AI with real impact

Reduce your load and anticipate problems through machine learning, automated workflows, and continuous monitoring。

Network admin next to a Aruba Central screen of a map

Improve expansion and resilience

Make Aruba Central the command center for all your network operations, from large campuses to scattered sites, handling your needs through a centralized center。

Aruba Central screen on a laptop

Enhanced safety features

Improve network segmentation, meet compliance requirements, and protect the business operations of wired and wireless networks。

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