Artificial intelligence

Solve complex problems with flexible AI and machine learning tools to reduce the impact on network, security, and application performance。Use automation and early warning troubleshooting tips to save valuable time。

Why Aruba AI?

As more and more organizations adopt AI tools to improve efficiency, they are also reaping the benefits of cost savings and IT breakthroughs。Of course, you can too。

All-weather automation in-depth analysis

Always-on monitoring and exception detection capabilities work with your IT team to take action or quickly resolve problems before they affect the business。

Easy to operate IT assistance function

Natural language search allows you to quickly find accurate information about a particular user, network device, or site for quick troubleshooting。

It is easy to spot the AI of an identity impostor

Improve security by automatically detecting abnormal behavior of IoT sensors, cameras or printers through real-time comparison technology。

AI tools for your use

As technology diversifies, IT's time to look for IT automation technologies designed to make life easier。Traditional IT visibility and remediation tools are a thing of the past。

AIOps dashboard

AI in-depth analysis

Built in feature sets in Aruba Central take basic monitoring and operation functions to a whole new level。AI Insight's capabilities range from dynamic service-level basics to WLAN, switcher and WAN performance assurance。

AI Assist

Event-driven automation, designed to solve the most difficult problems, triggers a range of documentation and troubleshooting data, while generating automated Aruba TAC participation to shorten time-consuming analysis。

ClearPass Device Insight screen

Client Insights

As more and more new and emerging IoT devices are built using standard hardware and software platforms, it is becoming increasingly difficult to separate them。Advanced AI/ML helps you understand exactly what devices are contained on the network。


Roaming the facility is not easy, so consider using AI/ML to help clients maintain a connection to the best AP available on site?ClientMatch ensures smooth communication between the AP and the connected client to provide the best possible experience。

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