An application that supports location functions

More valuable information can be obtained through mobile devices through location-enabled applications, and user experience can be optimized in a new marketing way。Aruba is a leader in indoor steering, proximity notification and asset tracking。

Enhance existing applications or build new ones

All managed from the cloud。

Scalable cloud management

Managing your applications, enabling action interaction, and asset tracking has never been easier。The Meridian software platform is accessible anytime, anywhere。It includes visibility, analysis, and the scale needed to support any deployment -- whether it's an entire building or a large public space。

Easily build new applications

What do we know about an easy-to-use mobile application。With Aruba AppMaker, a variety of flexible options ensure that your mobile application meets the user's location requirements on iOS and Android devices。Application development experience is not required。

Make your application location-aware

Aruba Bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds and takes your applications to the next level。With blue dots and asset tracking, you can connect objects around you。You can also notify or advertise from any location through the nearby push feature。

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