Retail network solutions

Is your network ready for edge retail?Build not only a simplified connection function, but also provide in-depth analysis of the autonomous safety network。

Shoppers are demanding

Aruba can help you meet these needs and respond to competitive pressures with leading technology solutions。
  • We can help you deliver smart digital shopping experiences both inside and outside the store。
  • In times of shortage, we can help you personalize your shopping experience to increase customer loyalty。
  • We can help you ensure the safety of your employees and shoppers。

Key advantages of Aruba retail solutions

Why do businesses like yours turn to us for smarter, more flexible networking solutions。

Reliable connectivity for everyone

Poor in-store connectivity can drive shoppers away。Employees and customers need immediate access to inventory information and fast and barrier-free checkout services。With the powerful network provided by Aruba, you can provide an ideal connection and a satisfying experience for everyone。

Centralized management of all stores

Manage hundreds of stores with one solution。Learn how Aruba's SD-Branch solution can help you improve your operations, deliver service faster and enhance the shopping experience, while reducing the burden on your IT staff。

Secure devices and IoT

Storefronts and employee equipment can bring many benefits, but they can also raise safety concerns。Learn about devices on your network and how they work。Secure this influx of devices with Aruba ClearPass Device Insight。

In-depth analysis of shoppers

Bridge the gap between physical and digital shopping with Aruba location analysis。Collect and analyze WLAN and mobile devices to understand in-store purchase patterns and provide useful contextual help based on location。

Merging physical and digital experiences

We want to provide convenience, choice and security to our customers in difficult times?See how Tractor Supply, America's largest rural lifestyle provider, is counting on Aruba and Theatro to achieve this goal。

Support any scale, any scope of extension

Learn how Vera Wang, one of the world's most respected luxury retailers, is using Aruba SD-Branch wireless infrastructure to support rapid expansion and better in-depth analysis of customer needs。

From shopping malls to entertainment venues

PlusCity no longer sees itself solely as a shopping mall -- it's an entertainment venue that offers event space and a great experience。How do they get through  The digital overlay of passenger flow data, new apps and physical mall experiences enables business innovation。

Work with strong partners to develop new use cases and accelerate innovation

Our ArubaEdge partners share our vision for innovative integrated solutions for mobile networking and IoT that help you reach the edge of competitiveness。Know how to leverage your network for more than connectivity and provide the best experience and results。

Retail network solutions related products

Building smarter, more secure networks requires these products in the first place。

Wireless access point

  • Enhance THE IT, user, and IoT experience with simple, fast, and secure enterprise connectivity
  • Indoor and outdoor options are available
Aruba Central screen featuring UXI-enabled metrics

Performance guarantee

  • Solve problems ahead of time with easy-to-deploy solutions
  • Test any application on any network of stores, warehouses, or distribution centers
Location analytics screen

Location-based services

  • Understand shoppers and store in-depth analysis, and get better results with location-based services
  • All built into Aruba wireless network that supports location services

Aruba zero trust security

  • Understand the elements that connect to the network
  • Use identities and personas to separate shoppers, stores, and sales traffic
  • Dynamically changing access permissions based on real-time data

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